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David Feingold was born in Chicago, Illinois. He works in the medium of digital art with the purpose of presenting the inner struggles of those with psychiatric diagnoses. His art brings awareness of the stigma and prejudice associated with all mental illness.  Feingold has a broad education and professional background, which, along with his personal experience with bipolar disorder, influence much of his art:  Bachelors's in Art Education, a Master's in Visual Design, Masters's in Social Work, and a Doctorate in Disability Studies. His work is represented in numerous venues, including National Public Radio, museums and art centers, professional journals, poetry and music collaborations, and inclusion in a permanent art collection of an internationally recognized universal design model home for architectural advancement.  Feingold worked for 15 years as a visual designer and 15 years as a social worker. He had to take early retirement due to advancing cognitive impairments stemming from an auto hit-and-run closed head injury in his teens. The head injury was also the genesis of his seizure and bipolar disorders. He recently moved north to a sedate Lake Michigan shoreline community,  28 miles from his previous residence in the vibrant Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago, where in his quiet moments, he can still hear the Chicago Cubs' crack of the bat in the "friendly confines' of Wrigley Field.

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