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- K. Finn

"Author and artist David A Feingold has crafted an absolutely ideal work for people who don’t find clinical, by-the-book self-help in any way fruitful but would rather explore a myriad of different emotional come to terms with their own thoughts and feelings. STIGMA: Through the Eyes of a Bipolar Artist is an absolutely essential read for anyone with an interest in bipolar and how it affects either themselves or those around them."

- J. Michele

"He describes a mentor of his as 'An embodiment of creativity and the quest for enthusiastic discovery,' which I found interesting because in reading the book—several times, I might add—it turns out that Feingold can be described in these terms as well. Very highly recommended."

- G. Ruhara

"Stigma Through the Eyes of a Bipolar Artist is part memoir, part self-help guide, but most of all, it is a work of art. David A. Feingold lays bare his life story and his struggles with bipolar disorder through a captivating combination of personal anecdotes, art, and poetry, seeking to help spread awareness about the bipolar-impaired self. I found the book to be an inspiring and illuminating reading experience. Highly recommended."

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- R. Phillips

"Feingold's images are refreshingly unfiltered and aesthetically beautiful in form and composition. This combination is mesmerizing and, like all significant works of art they have the potential to transform the way we perceive and understand the human experience.  I was astounded by his range of artistic talent in art and communication, and impressed by his intention. I discovered a courageous, resilient individual who is raising awareness about mental illness and bringing positive change to society."

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