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National and
Art Venues

Zolla-Lieberman Gallery
Stola Contemporary Art
Creative Thresholds
Manhattan Arts
Dow Museum of Art and Science
HeARTJournal Online
Art with Impact
The Awakenings Project
Blue Door Gallery
Gallery of Diversified Art
Drury Gallery
New Beginnings International Exhibit
To Be Heard International Art Exhibit
Limner Gallery Strange Figurations

Biafarin Tears and Smiles

Creative Thresholds

Healing Power of Art
United Arts Alliance
Bipolar Artists
Fine Art America
Linus Gallery Exhibition 
Dancing Dog Gallery
Awakenings Project
Diversity Works
Creative 360
Blue Line Gallery
NAMI Wisconsin
Report/York University
Geometry Art Exhibit

Beafarin Anti War

Disability Arts Online
Creative Sparks 
Mirrors of the Mind 4 Exhibition 
Dangerous Lullabies Exhibition
Damned Exhibition
Valeo Behavioral Health Exhibition
Trauma and Mental Health Report     
What You Didn't Know International
Pride & Prejudice
Highland Park Art Center
3 Square Gallery

ARC Gallery


Gallery of Diversified Arts

Who Am I to Stop It?
Mental Spaghetti
Art and Epilepsy
Condition Critical/

Teachers College Press
Disability Rights Calfornia
Center for Diversified Art
Charlotte Art Gallery
Beauty of Humanity Exhibit
Gallery 25N
Lys d'Or Gallery
Jacoby Art Gallery.

Bipolar: Breaking the Stigma

Mirrors of the Mind 5 Exhibition
Studio 659 Exhibition
Corpus Illuminata Exhibition 
Riverside Arts Center Exhibition
WDYDWYD/Burning Man Exhibition
Seeking Kali Exhibition
Seeking Medusa Exhibition
Saginaw Valley State Art Gallery
The Grief Diaries
International Art Exhibit
Escape Art Exhibit
Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery
Trauma and Mental Health

Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation

Studio 659 Exhibition
Corpus Illuminata Exhibition 
Riverside Arts Center Exhibition
Book About Death Exhibition
Equality Human Rights
Asylum Magazine
Epilepsy & Behavior Journal
Art Saves Lives International
Kaviar Forge & Gallery
Nave Gallery
Riverside Gallery
Faces International 

Art Saves Lives International

The Awakenings Project

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